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Tree trimming can improve the health of your trees. If you are looking for a reliable company to trim trees for you, you have come to the right place.

In Montgomery, AL having trees , shrubs and large hedges cut is always a job that gets put off, until it either becomes a problem or produces one. A good trimming job on a tree too often may have stopped a big branch from going through the roof, knocking down a fence, or destroying a tree, and it ended up becoming sick, and it became much more costly to remove. It is also not a job for amateurs, especially when the overhang structures have to be scaled or limbs taken down by a tree. 

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Call The Montgomery Tree Service Pros when you need arborists who are qualified and have years of experience. We know how to prune and trim your trees for their optimal health at a fair rate. We’re going to get the debris swept up and pull it off, or mulch what we can. All our quotes are free and we will have both disposal and treatment options.

For tree and shrub health, corrective, corrective pruning is necessary. With the ice storms we seem to have in Montgomery, this is especially true. Ice is very thick, and when sap is down in the leaves, it reaches, which means they are more brittle than normal. In order to increase sunlight penetration and ventilation, selective and corrective pruning eliminates leaves, providing a healthy atmosphere for your trees. We will check for wood-boring damage to insects, as well as disease problems, and prescribe treatments. Keeping trees formed and properly trimmed decreases the risk of damage during summer storms from broken limbs, as well as reducing power outages from falling branches due to downed power lines.

Depending on the situation and type of trees you have, as well as other variables such as building and service positions and other landscaping, Montgomery tree trimming takes on many distinct methodologies. National tree trimming guidelines exist that cover four basic needs when it comes to pruning, thinning, trimming, and shaping trees.

Cleaning is when you remove branches or limbs that are dead, diseased, weakened or dying. In order to enhance the health of the tree and the protection of objects below, it is done selectively.
Thinning is when you prune out live branches to maximise the flow of air and wind through the tree.

By minimising mass and resistance, you increase the tree’s likelihood of not getting harmed in storms. The light passing through the canopy also enhances it.
Raised pruning is when lower branches are cut away to enhance clearance or remove sucker growth. In order not to end up with a “lion’s tail” top that resembles an overgrown topiary, this has to be achieved quite selectively.

The reduction of pruning reduces height, such as avoiding power lines or horizontal tree growth, such as removing overhanging limbs. In terms of experience guiding the professional, this is the most important method of pruning, so the tree stays healthy and nicely shaped.

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We know how to prune and trim your trees at a fair cost for their optimal health. We’re going to get the debris swept up and pull it off, or mulch what we can. All our quotes are free and we will have both disposal and treatment options. During our visit, our experts will describe what kind of pruning is required to achieve your goals and preserve the health of your trees. Call us for a free estimate.