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Are you looking to remove trees from your property? We provide the best tree removal services for commercial and residential properties.

Removing a tree from your property can be a difficult job, particularly if houses, power lines, or other structures have to be taken into account. Removing any larger tree is not a job for the novice, especially if the tree has been carried out with power lines or any tie-offs or cabling. When around buildings, wide and overhanging branches offer particular risk. We are educated, licensed, and insured and are proud to provide quick, quality service to take care of your tree removal needs. 

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Our qualified tree technicians will analyse the situation and decide the best way to cut the tree, whether it be a direct drop or scaling of the tree and using equipment carefully to remove branches one by one, then sectioning the trunk for improved protection. The Montgomery Tree Service Pros knows what it takes to cut a big tree safely, even if it’s near your house or fence, or between buildings. Health for both your property and our crew is always our # 1 concern.

When you need a tree cut a lot of times, it is not when it is convenient. In the winter, Montgomery, AL has both intense thunderstorms and strong ice storms, and trees sometimes damage buildings and power lines. As a homeowner, to see if they pose any danger and how to take care of the issue before it happens, it is important to get your trees surveyed. We can walk your trees when you call us for a free quote, decide whether there is disease or some problem present, such as growth trends or poor limb crotches, which may end up with part or all of a tree removing your power lines or hitting a building during a storm. To decide what the problems are, and how to deal with them, disease and damage in trees also requires a trained eye. A diseased tree, maybe salvageable with proper pruning and care such as inoculations, could be saved. However, sometimes, it will inevitably decay enough to fall or crash, destroying buildings or vehicles in its vicinity too often. Our qualified experts will assess what is going on and make suggestions for the tree to be dealt with or removed.

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Overhanging branches also need care, as they tend to be the ones that cause damage to roofs and decay with leaf drop roofing materials. Such branches are particularly difficult because they almost always require heavy machinery to remove them from a roof or porch safely. To overcome this problem, only a competent tree service firm such as MontgomeryTree Pros Should be trusted upon.